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Top Tips from an Expert with Nadia El Ferdaoussi

At Yellow Machine, we absolutely love working with creative, talented people in a variety of fields. As part of a new series of interviews we'll be chatting with experts all about how they got started in their respective fields and their top tips for breaking in to the industry. This week we're having the chats with InstaQueen Nadia El Ferdaoussi all about her enviable travel writing career.

What inspired you to work as a travel writer?

I've always loved travel and wondered how I could make a career of it. Since I was a kid I wanted to become a hotel critic, that's still the goal. To be honest, it was just a dream and I never thought it would really be possible.

How did you get started?

My background is in make up artistry. I was the beauty editor for a magazine and jumped at the chance of a press trip opportunity when my editor couldn't go. I was lucky to be handed that opportunity then grafted from there finding other trips and pitching to publications.

What was the first big project you worked on?

I suppose launching my own website was my first big project. I went from writing for other people, to writing for myself. It was a big leap - one that has brought me so many opportunities since.

What has been your proudest career moment to date?

When I'm chosen to represent my country on press trips. Often, a travel brand will only have one travel writer or blogger from Ireland on a bigger international campaign. That's happened a couple of times now and it's always a proud moment.

What advice would you have for aspiring travel writers?

Start writing, as simple as that. Even on a day trip or city break with your family and friends. Do your research, take a notebook, hire a local guide, provide something that will be of interest to anyone reading. Even if you think you'll have no audience, start putting your writing out there. First, though, read it aloud to yourself and have someone cast their eye over your writing to spot any errors. Good luck!

Make sure to follow Nadia's travels and read some of her fantastic travel tips and articles over on The Daily Self or pick up the latest issue of Stellar Magazine to read about her latest adventure.


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