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#PRTools: Blogging Benefits for Start-Ups

Today we’re looking at the topic of blogging for businesses, specifically start-ups. Blogging is an interesting topic, what started as a hobby for many has now turned in to a lucrative personal business. Soon after the blogging trend took off, many businesses started looking at how they could adapt a blog to their offering and reap benefits from investing the time in to doing this. As a start-up ourselves we have seen the real benefit of “corporate” blogging. Below are our top benefits for blogging as a start-up.

1 – Blogging on your new company website is a great way to drive an audience to your page. Blogging, when done correctly, improves SEO ranking and website searchability. Many large businesses have the budget to push their web ranking, however this is a costly effort especially for a start-up. By utilising relevant, industry content as well as useful backlinks and serchable key words a start-up can organically increase their SEO ranking.

2 – Having a company blog is a great place to showcase your work to potential and existing clients. Regardless of the industry you work in, being able to show examples of your work through your blog will increase awareness and most probably profits. Utilising your corporate blog is a great, modern way to show your most fun and innovative work without it being overly formal or heavy like in an official case study. If you’re putting in time, effort and producing great results, why not shout about it?

3 – Similarly to the above, your corporate blog is a great place to show your insights and business savvy on industry relevant topics. Showcasing you and your teams expertise really appeals to potential clients, it’s a way for them to see that you’re on the pulse of what is fresh in the industry. Additionally, writing industry focused content on your blog is a fun way for employees to hone and practice their writing skills. Regardless of the what industry one works in, communication skills are key, writing blog content helps employees build confidence in their communications skills and enhances their industry knowledge.

4 – We’re all too aware that sometimes keeping your social media pages active with engaging content is not as easy as it may appear to be. We’re partial to the occasional meme and gif just as much as the next person but it’s important that your business social pages showcase the personality of your brand and offering. There is no better way to do this than to use the native content on your blog. The added benefit of utilising your unique content on social media is that you will drive even more visitors to your website, further enhancing the benefit of blogging to your SEO ranking.

5 – Blogging is a tool that, when utilised correctly, will drive new business for your brand. Looking at all of the above benefits they all come back to engaging with your client / audience and showing them that you are an industry expert. By enhancing your SEO, showcasing your talents and work and generating social media content you are, through your blog, generating contacts and building up credibility and a valuable reputation that will benefit your business not only fiscally but help build towards the longevity of your budding brand.

If you’re a start-up and not blogging, what are you waiting for? Head over to WordPress or Wix for more information on how to easily set up a corporate blog.


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