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Optilase #MediaMorning with Tom Dunne

We really enjoyed working with our client Optilase and all around legend, Newstalk’s Tom Dunne, on a media morning this week.

Tom was experiencing an eye problem that happens to just about everybody over the age of 40. It’s ageing of the eye, known as Presbyopia. The muscles that usually squeeze the lens in the eye into shape to allow you to see objects close up, become stiff and don’t work as well anymore.

“I was excited to hear Optilase had a solution to my near vision problem” says Tom. “The team explained everything in detail during my consultation and I felt nothing other than a slight pressure during the procedure. It’s also really quick. Now I can read my iPad; texts; computer; the newspaper apps on the phone, everything. This small, simple treatment has made a massive difference in my life.”

We started the morning with a photoshoot for top, conducted by top Dublin photographer Tony Kinlan, before overseeing 10 media interviews we’d previously arranged. Tom was such a pro (obviously!) and his positive approach created a really nice vibe for everyone involved.

Optilase are Irelands’ leading laser eye surgery experts and we love working with them on a variety of really interesting projects. More to come soon! #watchthisspace


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