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#MediaDay: Celebrity Doctor partners with Thérapie Clinic

At Yellow Machine this week we had an exciting media day in Thérapie Clinic with celebrity surgeon, Dr Minocha. Thérapie Clinic, Ireland’s leader in advanced skincare, has teamed up with world-class, celebrity Cosmetic Doctor and Trainer, Dr. Kuldeep Minocha, to lead its team in the most up-to-date and advanced cosmetic treatments, from Botox to fillers.

Dr Minocha is a Global Brand Ambassador for Restylane and lead injector for the hugely high profile ‘Proof in Real Life’ campaign, where he worked side-by-side with mega-star Sharon Stone. He has performed over 30,000 procedures on clients from all over the world, including top celebrities we all love.

Despite working with the world’s leading surgeons and offering the most advanced expertise, Thérapie Clinic believe that not just celebrities should be able to avail of their treatments. Instead, they have committed to the most affordable prices for all Irish adults who feel the treatments would make a positive change in their life.

The day kicked off to a great start, with Dr Minocha meeting some of Ireland’s top beauty and health journalists. He also met with Snapchat king James Kavanagh and you can check out the video below. We then visited Spin Towers with Dr Minocha so he could chat with the team @SpinTalk.

If you’d like to find out more information about the fillers and other skincare treatments go to or visit their Facebook page at


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