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Lynk Taxis are saving friendships with their new app feature

Lynk, Ireland’s home-grown taxi app, have launched their new app with many slick features that appeal to customers, notably the Split Fare feature. This feature allows groups travelling together to split the taxi fare easily through the app, avoiding inevitable “miscalculations.”

A common problem between friends is trying to figure out who owes what for the taxi on a night out. It’s not always easy to calculate how much each person should pay and we’ve all heard the line, ‘I’ll get you one in the pub’ and sometimes that ‘one’ doesn’t materialise. If this sounds familiar, then this is the taxi app feature you’ve been waiting for.

When ordering a taxi on the new Lynk Taxi app, the user simply has to select the Split Fare feature adding in their friends as part of the easy to use payment feature. When exiting the taxi the fare is then seamlessly split between all parties, with everyone receiving an e-receipt for their share of the fare. This innovative feature is set to revolutionise taxi sharing in Ireland.

Noel Ebbs, CEO of Lynk Taxis, says “When we were building the new Lynk app, we asked ourselves what are the most common problems for taxi users and how can we fix these problems? One of the most frequent things that Lynk drivers hear are groups of friends trying to decide who is paying the fare or how much each person owes. This led us to create the Split Fare feature, which easily allows groups to split the fare through the app. This feature will cut out the tricky calculations and those awkward moments when you remind you’re your friends how much they owe you. So as well as providing a great taxi service we’re also providing a valuable social service!” And Noel adds, tongue-in-cheek, “…we’re literally saving friendships with this new Lynk app, something we’re very happy about!”

The new Lynk app is available for IOS and Android devices and can be downloaded at

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