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#IndustryInsights: Holly White

This week we're chatting with super stylist and fashion blogger, Holly White. She'll be telling us all about working in the Irish fashion business.

How did you first get into the industry? I first began assisting Deirdre McQuillan, Fashion Editor of The Irish Times, when I was 18. I helped out on shoots, did returns and soon was pitching ideas. I then went to college in London College of Fashion to study Fashion Promotion which involved modules in PR, Broadcast and Journalism.

Can you describe a typical work day?

In a typical week I may be shooting for TV3 Xposé and this involves a day of prepping, shooting and then returns. I wake up and jump into whatever needs to be done solidly from 9 am through till 7. After that I cook dinner for my boyfriend and chew the ear off him for a few hours in front of the TV, before collapsing into bed, only to do it all again! The day is interrupted with cuddle breaks for Tom and Will my two cats.

What motivates you? There is a huge excitement in the Fashion and beauty industry and I want to be involved as much as possible. It’s really exciting now as people can build their own platforms via social media, blogging and vlogging and the industry is embracing it. Everyone can have a voice now. Just wanting to be part of the fun stuff and constant FOMO motivates me!

How do you integrate social media into your role career as a fashion stylist? Instagram and Fashion go hand in hand - there is so much inspiration there. There is also added value and when working with clients and models I will always encourage posting on social as a way to further push the message. It’s really important to have a presence. Some fashion bloggers have very artistic and beautiful images consistently which I do envy. Mine has occasional smatterings of real life thrown in to balance things out a bit.

What has been your biggest career achievement to date?

I am most proud of my contributions to Xposé. It’s a brilliant way of mixing styling and presenting together and being part of such a dynamic show is brilliant.

Have you any advice for people thinking of entering the industry? Get as much experience as possible and be sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Bloggers like Leanne Woodfull has written some amazing posts on how to get started in the industry. My advise is to focus on doing good work and it will get noticed.

Is there anyone that influenced you to take this career path? I think it’s in my blood. My mum is very stylish and my sister in law is also in the industry. I had a few years when things weren’t going so well and I was in retail, contemplating going back to college and I’m so much happier now. It took time but I don’t think I could be doing anything else.

Where do you hope to see yourself / your business in 5 years?

Being your own boss can be a bit nerve-wracking but in 5 years I would like to still be doing exactly what I am doing but I would like my own site to have expanded and that’s a current work in progress. If you can stay relevant in the ever evolving fashion industry it’s an achievement and I hope wherever the next 5 years take me I can stay tuned in and busy.

What is your pet peeve about working in the industry?

I don’t hate anything about the industry. It’s definitely competitive and things wont always go my way but overall I am happier than I’ve ever been and don’t feel I’ve anything to complain about!

What do you do to relax and unwind after a long days work?

Training in No 17 personal training is an important part of my routine. Cat cuddles also work well!

Check out Holly's website for all her latest news and exciting projects. YM

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