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#IndustryInsights - Brian Conway

This week we chatted with Fashion, TV, Personal Stylist and Fashion Show producer Brian Conway, all about his impressive work at the forefront of the Irish fashion industry.

How did you first get into the industry?

It was the summer of 2013 and I had just done my first ever "test shoot". I then posted my photos on Instagram where a well known photographer found me and dropped me an email to collaborate. For me, that was such a big thing as he was one of the top photographers in the country. From this, we started working together with a UK Magazine Chasseur where they published three of my shoots within a three month period, then followed by my first published work here in Ireland. After this, I got my first cover of a well-known magazine on my first womenswear shoot.

Can you describe a typical work day?

The one thing I love about my job is there is no typical day. Everyday is so different, no day is the same. Today I'm currently sitting at a very lush marble table in the Westbury Hotel sipping on a gorge frothy latte, after a busy weekend of styling the IHF hair show (where my team won two awards, which was super exciting) I was doing returns and pick-ups for other cover shoots I'm working on this week along with following up on fashion credits from a shoot late last week. I had a lot of admin and invoicing/accounts also. There is always something to be done - even if you think its a day off, you always end up working.

What motivates you?

Hmm, that's a tough question. There are a lot of motivational factors for me... the love I have for my job is my number one motivational factor, There has never been a day yet where I have never wanted to go to work - and hopefully is stays that way.

How do you integrate social media into your career as a stylist?

Personally I think social media is vital when you are a creative/self employed. It's where a potential client can stumble across you and it can open up so many doors of opportunity. We are the social media generation and social media is part of our lives, Our phones are strapped to our hands especially with the rise of Snapchat over the last year. People are becoming celebrities over night on social media platforms.

What has been your biggest career achievement to date?

On an Irish level it has to be winning Irish Stylist of Year at the 2016 Irish Fashion Industry Awards at Kerry Fashion Week. Also a campaign I worked on was featured in the March issue of British Vogue.

Have you any advice for people thinking of entering the industry?

Assisting a professional in the area you want to work is key. You learn so much more through experience.

Is there anyone that influenced you to take this career path?

The fashion industry was always something I was fascinated in from a very young age, I was always glued to fashion TV keeping up to date with all the major fashion weeks from around the globe I also loved all the Irish Fashion TV shows too. So there wasn't really one person that influenced me - it was probably media and TV. I feel like when I was in school fashion was never discussed as a career or even an option but things have definitely changed since I graduated in 2010.

Where do you hope to see yourself / your business in 5 years?

Who knows? I just hope to get busier, travel more with work and keep building on my client list.

What is your pet peeve about working in the industry?

Your brain never shuts off. I'm always doing something, whether planning the next project, following up on emails - the work load is never completed - but it's the same for any self-employed person.

What do you do to relax and unwind after a long days work?

I find a gym session is amazing to help me unwind and clear my mind. I love TRX, Spinning and Yoga is also amazing as I'm always on my feet and running around with garment bags hanging from me, so it helps with my posture.

To keep up with Brian's fashionable life, make sure you're following him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat (briconstyle).


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