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Hitting summer headlines with Lynk

We’ve been working with our client Lynk, the Irish taxi app, on some really exciting media stories this summer. The industry experts are constantly growing and building up their brand to expand their first class service across Ireland and also in to new markets such as the UK and USA. As always with Lynk we work on attention grabbing media stories to elevate their brand presence in both the Irish media and the eyes of the Irish public and this summer was no exception.

To kick off their summer of great brand stories, Lynk offered free local taxis to people voting in the repeal referendum with their community driven #LynkToVote promotion. The story garnered vast media attention and was highlighted across print, online and broadcast nationwide. Read more on

The next phase of their summer growth plans was the launch of the new Lynk app. The latest version of the app was built in-house by Irish tech experts and showcased advancements in both technology and service. You can read some details about the latest app over on Hot Press.

The great thing about working with a client like Lynk is that they are so customer focused. This allows us to utilise key aspects of their service that will be of real interest to both press and potential / existing app users. This summer we highlighted the “split fare” feature as a key media story and worked with Lynk to utilise this for PR. The “split fare” feature is a dream for groups using a taxi together and has so many benefits, read all about it on Lovin Dublin.

To finish off their summer of successful media stories, Lynk made a huge announcement this month. Their newest service, Lynk Delivers, will be hitting the market soon and is going to reinvigorate the industry of fast and efficient deliveries for people and companies all across the capital. With further details on that new service to be released shortly, we had the pleasure of liaising with the Irish media about the new jobs announced around the soon to launch service. Lynk have created 250 new, flexible roles for people in the Greater Dublin Area. For all the details on the new roles and continuing growth for Lynk, head over to

With so many exciting developments and heaps of media coverage over the summer, we can’t wait to share all the upcoming news from Lynk for the rest of 2018.


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