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#GameStopFashion Media Event

We had a great morning working with one of our favourite clients, GameStop, for the launch of their brand new fashion range, with stylist Laura Mullet.

GameStop, the global leaders in gaming retail, have unveiled their exciting new fashion line now available to fans of fashion and gaming alike around Ireland. GameStop are bringing the worlds of gaming and fashion together in their unique apparel offering, showcasing that gamers are at the forefront of modern, urban fashion trends.

The collection features a variety of apparel for men and women with an emphasis on clothing that would appeal to “Genzennials”, the new Millennials. The range has everything from favourite pop culture tees to game branded active wear and Pokémon chic pieces for the fashion savvy Pokémon master.

With key pieces from the collection including a must-have Pokémon skater dress, the vivid Pokéball print makes for a stand out piece that would be eye-catching by itself at autumn festivals, or paired with contrasting Pokémon leggings making for a more casual look that will still make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

The collection also features must-have tees for men and women featuring some favourites from the past year in film and gaming. A particular key piece is the Guardians of the Galaxy tee, the film was a box office hit this year and as such every avid film buff will want to get their hands on a Star Lord tee.

FIFA have once again exclusively teamed up with GameStop to offer avid football gaming fans the chance to get their hands on a limited edition jersey ahead of the launch of FIFA 18, an expected Christmas top seller in the gaming space. The vivid jersey is unisex and will appeal to both male and female gaming fans.

The collection also encompasses a unique accessories line with everything from Batman snapback caps to Zelda elf earmuffs. This particular facet of the collection will be a big hit as the colder weather hits and has a variety of excellent gifting options for avid gaming and pop culture fans alike.

Be sure to check out the collection online and in stores nationwide. For a sneak peek at some of the action from the day watch the below video of some highlights and chats with Laura Mullet from All Cast Irish Gamers.

The apparel collection is available to be purchased in the 51 GameStop and GameStop / ThinkGeek stores across Ireland. They can also be bought online at with a speedy 48 hour delivery time, or with the ‘click and collect’ service.


*Imagery from Louise Selvin Photographer

*YouTube video via All Cast Irish Gamers

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