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Diary of a PR Intern Part 2

After completing an undergrad in Contemporary Culture and Society (I don’t know what it is either), I found myself heading back to college to study for a Masters in Public Relations. I’ve always loved communications and media so I knew it was the right choice for me.

Coming to the end of my Masters I was concerned as to what life would bring beyond May. I need not have worried as a mere three days later I found myself right at home interning in Yellow Machine.

I was nervous beginning the internship as I had no previous experience. Sure, I sat in a classroom for a year and I had a degree in PR but I had no idea what to expect in a ‘real-life’ job. After a month of interning at Yellow Machine I can tell you that the college classroom most definitely does not equal reality!

From day one, I’ve spent a lot of my time engaging in media relations. We’re constantly securing coverage for our clients in traditional and new media. I’ve got the chance to liaise with some renowned journalists and social influencers. It’s been so interesting experiencing what it’s really like securing media coverage and all the steps involved. It’s an amazing feeling to know you’ve played a part in a client appearing in a major publication or in securing them a social media endorsement.

As a team we regularly spend time strategising and brainstorming for clients. It’s often up to us PR professionals (can I call myself a professional now?) to get creative by generating ideas for them, keep content fresh and to always build up exciting new concepts that will grab the media’s attention.

One of my favourite things I’ve done so far is event management. I’ve found my jaw threatens to hit the floor after realising I’m in the same room as some of Ireland’s top journalists and social media stars. I’ve helped organise guest lists for an exclusive media event for Irish band, Radio Room, while I’ve worked on photography and greeted celebs at The Exchequer Evolution event.

I’ve loved working on creating social media posts for our clients. I’ve learned a lot of different tactics and the importance of keeping the content relevant and engaging while staying in tone with the brand’s voice and ethos.

I’ve also gotten the chance to go behind the scenes on a photo shoot for a client. We worked with photographer, Hazel Coonagh to curate some media photography. I experienced just how much detail that goes into making every shot picture perfect.

The best thing about the internship is that not one day has been the same as another. A month in and I've already worked across food, music, corporate and lifestyle PR. I've done actual work, not just the typical 'intern-y tasks' and I'm always the one who's offered coffee instead of getting it!

Edel, YM

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