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Diary of a PR Intern

Landing an internship straight out of college can be tough, especially when you’re unsure of what career path you want to take. As an I.T grad who has no desire to take on a profession in this field, a sense of impending doom came over me.

Since undergoing a work placement in PR as part of my T.Y. programme in school, I have been drawn to the exciting industry. So, when I saw an opportunity arise in Yellow Machine to join the team, I jumped on it!

Only three weeks into my internship at Yellow Machine and I can already say I have no regrets and I am happily waving goodbye to all things technical (well, most of it!) For the first time since the commencement of my education I can finally say that I have found a niche that I belong to and that I feel I have an aptitude for.

In such a short space of time I have already learned so much about the dynamics of the industry. Since I have started, I have been given the responsibility of pitching out a lifestyle brand to be featured in the media. At first this was very daunting as I suffer severely from a little thing I call phone-phobia (I even struggle to order a spice bag over the phone!) However, practice makes perfect and I have quickly gained confidence and developed my communication skills.

What I have really enjoyed so far is writing blog posts. I got to dive into this in my first week, which is pretty exciting for an intern. I have been given the chance to express my creativity and really show off my writing skills.

For me, working at events is like being rewarded at work, it’s definitely my favourite part of working in a creative agency. I have already had the opportunity to work on some exciting events, most recently The Exchequer Wine Bar event in Ranelagh, where I got to mingle with all the kings and queens of social media.

One of my highlights so far was visiting Spin towers with one of our clients for a radio interview. It was so interesting to see the offices of a brand that I have been a fan of for so long! I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks have in store!

Deanna, YM

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