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#ClientNews Meeting House launch new evening plates and Burmese Brunch.

September is a month of innovation at The Meeting House Dublin, as they add new plates to their evening menu and launch a unique new Burmese Brunch.

New plates now available on the evening menu include Blackened Cod, TMH Pork Dumplings, Mini Asian Tuna Burgers, Chicken Htamin Gyaw and Mussel Curry, with sides like the Asian Raw Chopped Salad. The updated menu also includes some mouth-watering new cocktails, such as “The Zombie”. All dishes are €9.99.

Then from late-September, Burmese Brunch will launch with a bang at The Meeting House. The new menu will include brunch classics with a twist, such as smoked pork belly served with soft poached duck eggs, topped with Burmese smoked hollandaise sauce, on top of toasted flat bread. There will also be lighter options such as exotic fresh fruit salad, layered with infused coconut milk and freshly squeezed, exotic juices. Burmese Brunch will be available every Saturday and Sunday from noon. All plates on the new menu will be €9.99 and are designed to share with friends.

Situated on Sycamore Street in the heart of Temple Bar creative quarter, The Meeting House injects new flair and creativity into Dublin’s restaurant and cocktail scene. There's always such a good buzz down there and the Yellow Machine team always have so much fun working with TMH crew.

Get down there and try some of the deliciousness, we know where we'll be getting our brunch on from now on.


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