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Client News - Thérapie Clinic Reveal 1 in 10 Irish have had Botox or Fillers

According to new research from our client, Thérapie Clinic, the majority of Irish (68%) already have or would consider getting Botox or fillers with 1 in 10 (11%) Irish people saying they have already had Botox or fillers.

  • When asked if they had ever had Botox or fillers, 11% of Irish people stated they had, (just over 1 in 10 respondents). Compared to the same question asked to Irish people in 2015 only 5% of respondents stated they had either Botox or fillers, seeing the figure more than double in less than three years.

  • When asked if they had Botox or fillers would they be comfortable with other people knowing, the majority of respondents stated “Yes, I’m not ashamed to look after myself”, reflecting a drastic change in attitudes.

  • For those who have never had Botox or fillers, over half (57%) said they would consider it in the future compared to 47% in 2015.

  • When Irish people were asked if they have friends or colleagues who have had Botox well over half (59%) either were sure or suspected they had. In other words, only 4 in 10 (40%) of respondents were sure that none of their friends or colleagues had not had Botox.

  • When respondents were asked if cost would be a factor that would make them reconsider getting Botox or fillers, almost half of respondents (48%) would not feel comfortable spending over €150 on a treatment for themselves. A third (33%) of respondents stated “if it was good value I would probably go for it.”

  • When asked would the fear of a negative response from family or friends be a contributing factor when considering getting Botox or fillers, the vast majority of respondents (78%) said no, not as long as it is what they really wanted and that it made them feel good.

  • What remains critical to respondents is that the clinic they would consider attending has a good reputation, as in 2015 almost all respondents (96%) would only consider a reputable clinic for getting Botox or filler treatments.

  • When asked how important their partner’s opinion would be when deciding to get Botox or fillers, 70% of Irish respondents would not ultimately seek their partner’s approval when considering treatments. With 24% stating that their partner’s opinion would not be relevant and the remaining 46% stating that they would consult their partner but ultimately if they wanted to get it done they would.

  • The majority (53%) of Irish 28-35 year olds said they would consider preventative Botox.

  • Preventative Botox is a rising trend among millennials in their late twenties and early thirties, and many well-known celebrities in that age group are having it done. When asked if that would influence them, only 20% of Irish respondents said yes, they could be persuaded to try preventative Botox knowing that celebrities are getting it done. Considering the Irish interest in social media influencers and celebrities, this was a very surprising figure.

Commenting on the research results, Thérapie Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Paul Reddy says: “The research we have conducted has shown that, across Ireland, people are becoming increasingly inclined towards the use of Botox and fillers and less inclined towards feeling ashamed or stigmatised for getting these treatments. Botox and fillers may not be for everyone, but for some people, these treatments can make a real positive impact to a person’s self-image and confidence. Thérapie Clinic injectable treatments are only carried out by world-leading medical specialists and we ensure the most natural results possible.” Thérapie Clinic Managing Director, Phillip McGlade says: “Our free consultations are a great way to sit down with a medical professional and discuss with them the best course of action to meet our customers’ needs and how we can help them improve their self-image and confidence through safe, trusted treatments. We offer treatments from €140 to make them accessible to anyone considering Botox or fillers at Thérapie Clinic.” To find out more information about Botox and fillers at Thérapie Clinic please visit

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