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Are We Oversharing On Social Media?

Here at Yellow Machine, we love a good Insta snap or Snapchat story as much as the next social media obsessive. However, in light of the Kim Kardashian robbery and assault story and her vow to stop flaunting her wealth on social media, we can’t help but stop and think… Should we all be more careful about what we post across our social platforms on a daily basis? We’re all guilty sometimes of a little oversharing and convincing ourselves that the world awaits with baited breath to see our Starbucks cappuccino, or what we’re eating for our next meal, but should we be more aware of when playful, harmless posts turn into overkill?

This is particularly important when it comes to brand reputation. It’s important if a brand is posting on social media, that they really know their audience and don’t become too casual and irresponsible with what they are posting. Social media is a powerful tool in shaping brand opinions and associations, so it is crucial that a brand knows how to shape their social voice, while keeping things #profesh.

It’s not just brands that have to be aware of this, our own personal platforms can play an important role in how we’re viewed, particularly in the big bad business world. You may be playing it safe with a glossy and business-like Linkedin page, but your public Instagram page might show a completely different story (insert 4am tray of shots). In a world where a quick google search of your name can bring someone directly to your social platforms, it’s best to play things a little safe. No, that doesn’t mean you can’t snap that pretty cocktail you’re sipping, but it probably does mean you should think twice before you go on a Twitter rant about your ‘’mean boss’’ or the ‘’bitchy girl from accounting.’’ #TMI

As much as we love sharing our latest #OOTD and #wanderlust pic for all to see, it definitely pays off to be more mindful about your digital footprint.


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