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5 ways to work with influencers for your brand

Influencer relations has become one of the most prominent trends in social media and PR in the past year. As the trend continues to grow and attract attention, here at Yellow Machine we’re giving you some advice on the 5 best ways to work with influencers for your brand.

1. Product Collaborations

Product collaborations with influencers and bloggers are an exciting way of promoting your brand’s content in an appealing and refreshing way. Not only does working with influencers amplify your brand’s message, it also impacts purchasing decisions. Rather than promotion through traditional advertising, collaborating with influencers connects your brand with your communities in a more personal way.

2. Social Media Ambassadors

Long-running influencer partnerships on social media are a great method to continually promote your brand. In working with an influencer that is a perfect match for brand, you have the ability to promote your brand across all social platforms, and as a result, directly interact with your target market.

3. Blog Competitions

Collaborating with influencers to host a competition or a give-away on their blog is a great method of exposing your brand to potential new followers and customers. Competitions are also a great interactive way to get your customers involved and engaged with your brand and what it offers.

4. Snapchat Takeovers

As Snapchat is steadily becoming one of the biggest contenders in social media, an influencer takeover is a fun way of driving attention towards your brand’s Snapchat. Working with influencers on Snapchat is also an entertaining way to project your brand’s personality and target youthful audiences.

5. Instagram Relations

Instagram is one of the most powerful social tools for its visual appeal. Working with influencers on this platform is an effective way to boost your brands engagement and directly target your niche customer through aesthetically pleasing content. With a host of seriously cool Instagrammers on the scene, Instagram collaborations mean that you can visually showcase your brand through the use of just one image that will be seen by many dedicated followers.


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