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5 social apps we're loving

At Yellow Machine, we always strive to stay on the cusp of fresh social media trends. Recently, there’s been an influx of new updates and features across the various social platforms, both with new apps, and also newer features on older apps we’ve grown to love. So here at Yellow Machine, we thought we’d make things that bit easier for you, and give you the low-down on the 5 social trends and apps on our radar at the moment.


We know Snapchat was welcomed in to the world of social media quite some time ago, but there’s been new updates on the app that have taken things a few notches higher. Now you don’t even have to lift your finger to look through your Snapchat stories (rejoice!). Snapchat has also proved itself to be some stiff competition for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, with the app’s latest addition of video chat. Users can now send 10 second audio and video notes to each other, while simultaneously sending photos. Users can also call and video-call other users on the app, ultimately acting as your one stop messaging and calling app. Basically, do we ever even need to click out of it?


The new app has also undergone a host of updates to improve its overall feel. One feature which just hit the platform that we’re very excited about is that users will now be able to post videos up to 60 seconds long. Say bye-bye to awkwardly cropping your videos or uploading more than one to show your followers the full story – you will now be able to squeeze it all in to the one post, and also crop multiple videos into one post. Hurray!


There is definitely room for more than one picture app in the world of social media, and Storehouse has proved just this. It is a very simple app, but it will change how you view, collect, and curate your social media in a very refreshing way. Unlike other picture sharing apps, such as Instagram, Storehouse allows you to share your pictures with only the people that you choose, via text or email. It’s the perfect app to sort through all of those pictures collecting dust in your camera roll, and create albums that tell great visual stories. Make sure to check it out.


Periscope is new and it’s set to be huge. As instant video is one of the hottest social trends of 2016, Periscope shows us why. It is a live-streaming app owned by Twitter, and it allows you to be part of the action as it happens and explore the world through someone else’s eyes. It’s the perfect opportunity to share that exciting event live with your Twitter followers.


Hootsuite is an amazing social media management system for brand management. If you’re someone who needs to have control over more than one social media account, this is the platform for you. With the ability to schedule posts ahead of time and measure clicks, likes, retweets and more to learn what content is working for your brand, it’s the ideal platform for all of your social analytical needs.


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