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5 Apps for Adulting

Here at Yellow Machine, we know that being an adult is difficult. We've picked our top 5 apps to help you feel like a real grown up. You’ll feel so mature just downloading them.


If you’re thinking of heading abroad this summer, download Duolingo to help you learn or brush up on the native language. Their fun and addictive bite sized lessons can have you saying hola, bonjour, ciao, hallo or dia dhuit to the locals in no time. We feel smarter already.


Get your shiz together by using Evernote, an organisational tool you can use to store your notes, links, photos and checklists all in one place. Don’t worry about where you have your notes saved, as Evernote allows you to access them across a number of devices, keeping your notes stored safely forEVER.

Sweat with Kayla

Sweat with Kalya is an app from famous fitness fanatic Kayla Itsines. This amazing app shows you how to reach your fitness and exercise goals with her short workouts and customisable daily meal plans. Kayla has a massive 5.3 million Instagram followers that she keeps motivated daily with her fitness tips. #abtastic

Breaking into adulthood can be especially hard when you realise mammy isn’t around to wash your clothes anymore (sigh!) Laundrie, the premium dry cleaning service will collect and return your clothes to your home or office within 48 hours. Oh, and it’s super affordable too.

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn has been the go-to website for anyone attempting to become a working professional in the last few years. However, the LinkedIn app has made it even easier for you to connect to the people and things that matter in your industry. You can update your professional profile, receive notifications directly to your mobile and apply for job opportunities all on-the-go. With LinkedIn, you're one tap away from being a fully fledged adult.


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